Adventure Land Corner

On a distant planet, in another dimension, there is a struggle for freedom against an insane tyrant. Gorglin Thild, also known as Lord Lightning, is taking Adventure Land by force. His powerful magic is turning the land into a hellish nightmare, while huge armies of monsters invade neighboring countries. The only thing standing in his way are the heroes who have come together to fight for the freedom and for the lives of the good people of Adventure Land. Leading them is Bear, a seven-foot-tall talking grizzly bear. This epic tale begins the story of courage, cruelty, love and sacrifice. Swept into the middle of this turmoil are four teenagers from Earth, who step through a mysterious portal, and find themselves trapped in this strange new land. Benny Thompson and his friends find that they have undiscovered strengths and talents as they join in the fight against evil oppression. Adventure Land is an enchanted land that has dinosaurs, magic, sword-fighting, wars, romance and comedy.

Is the synopsis of the Adventure Land Series.

Below is an old video created to depict a scene from Adventure Land, Book One, regarding a battle with a dragon.